As a leader in career exploration, training and development for over 25 years, Functional Training Services works to elevate and expand the Central Ohio Workforce. Business owners, recruiters, human resource staff, and hiring managers rely on FTS to provide quality job placement services for qualified men and women with identified disabilities.


FTS expands your pool of qualified candidates for hire. Our organization works with qualified, competitive job seekers who are seeking entry level as well as management positions in a wide range of fields.


FTS Staff partners with Human Resources to ensure that all hires are positioned for workplace success. The level of support varies based on company and individual needs.


For the first 90 days, FTS provides support for employers and new hires. We use a variety of ways to ensure the new hire meets or exceeds position expectations. Our staff is available around the clock to ensure that the professional foundation for success is laid for all applicants.

Job Placement Fields

We actively partner with Central Ohio employers to place qualified job candidates in a wide range of professional fields. Positions range from entry level to middle management and beyond.  Please DOWNLOAD a complete list of fields that we actively work with recruiters to source dedicated, highly competitive staff.

There is no cost to employers for referral and placement services. We partner with local, national and international companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for employers when partnering with FTS?

FTS has more than 25 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities, preparing them for meaningful employment. As with any candidate, strong skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences are the qualifications employers seek. FTS is here to expand the pool of qualified candidates.

I am not sure about hiring someone with a disability in this position. How can I be sure the person is qualified?

As hiring managers, we search for the most qualified candidate and, whether or not the disability label is attached, every candidate has strengths and weaknesses. The key is hiring candidates with the potential to deliver strong outcomes. FTS possesses expertise in linking employers with viable candidates based on the specific requirements of the position and the candidate's competitive ability to meet those requirements. As with all candidates, standard hiring practices are utilized to screen candidates.

How does FTS assess a job seeker's abilities?

FTS staff, vocational rehabilitation specialists with career placement expertise, employ a variety of techniques including extensive training and testing to evaluate and, if necessary, further expand performance capabilities. This multi-faceted approach, individualized for each employer and job seeker, is designed to deliver on-the-job success.

Does FTS only work with entry-level job seekers?

FTS works with professionals who contribute at every level of an organization from entry-level to management roles.

What kind of accommodations will be needed for candidates referred by FTS?

There is no difference in FTS candidates and candidates secured through other recruitment methods. Consistent with your company policy, you may or may not need to provide a reasonable accommodation. Every candidate is different and FTS staff will work with you to ensure that you secure a high performing employee.

How does FTS prepare job candidates?

FTS provides a variety of services, based on individualized needs, to ensure that job seekers can perform on-the-job. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Community Based Assessments
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Readiness Assessments
  • Career Specific Training & Testing
  • Computer Training
  • Job Coaching
  • Follow Along Services

Will an employee with a disability require more time off from work than other employees?

Most individuals with disabilities do not require additional time off work because of the identified disability.

If I hire a candidate from FTS, will he or she require additional training or support?

If additional training or support from FTS is beneficial to both the employer and the new employee, a Job Coach, paid for by the State of Ohio, may be requested through FTS. In this case, the Job Coach will observe company training and work with the company and new employee to ensure the tools to perform the required tasks or complete projects. Coaching hours may be higher at first and then gradually decrease as the employee demonstrates competency. The Job Coach will meet with the employer at periodic intervals to ensure the coaching is producing the required outcomes and is also a resource to the employer at any time.

Our organization handles confidential information. How can we be sure that the Job Coach will handle health care or other proprietary information confidentially?

Pre-employment screenings are required for all FTS staff which include a BCI Criminal Background Check. Additionally, FTS will comply with any background check screening requirements required by your organization.

If I hire a qualified person who happens to have a disability, why should I allow a Job Coach to work with my staff during the onboarding, orientation and training process?

A Job Coach is not necessary for many competitive hires. If a Job Coach is identified as a reasonable accommodation, however, the Job Coach does not disrupt the onboarding, hiring, or training practices of the organization. Instead, the Job Coach works in tandem with the employer to ensure that the new hire has all the necessary tools and understanding to perform the position well, meeting all benchmarks. The collaborative effort contributes to the retention and overall success of the employee, reducing turnover costs and contributing to organizational revenue.

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