We empower job seekers by providing pre-employment, individualized services.


Functional Training Services (FTS) offers pre-employment, individualized services designed to empower job seekers in identifying vocational skills, developing job readiness behaviors, and developing attainable career goals. This includes:

  • Community Based Assessment
  • Work Adjustment
  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Career Exploration
  • RehabilitationTechnology/Computer Access (JAWS/Zoom Text)


Functional Training Services (FTS) offers proven, outcomes-based job search strategies and supports to meet the job seeker’s unique needs. Whether you need help with interviewing or utilizing competitive job search strategies, our Job Development experts can help. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Job Development Services
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Community Based Assessment
  • Tutoring Services
  • Travel Training 


Functional Training Services (FTS) continues to support the consumers we serve as they enter the workforce. Services range from orientation and onboarding support to mastering job responsibilities and acclimating to the culture and professional interactions.

Available services include:

• Orientation & On-Boarding Support 

• Work Adjustment

• Job Coaching and/or Follow Along Services

We are committed to an individualized approach which meets the needs of both employers and job candidates.

Find out how we can meet your employment needs or help you find the right job.

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